confectionary fats

Confectionery is the art of making confections, which are food items that are rich in sugar and carbohydrates. Exact definitions are difficult. In general, though, confectionery is divided into two broad and somewhat overlapping categories, bakers’ confections and sugar confections

Used for


  • CC35
  • CC38
  • CC40


  • CT35
  • CT38
  • CT40


  • WC35
  • WC38
  • WC40

Applications: Is used as a total replacer of cocoa butter for compound chocolate coatings in non-critical applications such as short-life coatings on bakery products, ice cream coating and ice cream mass. It also can be used in fillings or centres for biscuits and confectionery. It can replace butter fat in non-diary products such as coffee whiteners and whippable toppings.


  • CS34
  • CS35
  • CS38


  • WS34
  • WS35
  • WS38


  • BS34
  • BS35
  • BS38

Applications: Recommended for use as total replacer of cocoa butter in compound chocolate for enrobing, couvertures, solid and hollow moulding. Compound chocolate made will have excellent mouth feel, gloss, melting properties and good resistant against fat bloom it will also form stable crystals on rapid cooling without tempering. Cocoa butter content in the chocolate recipe should not exceed 5% of the total fat content. Therefore, low fat cocoa powder is recommended.


  • CR34
  • CR35
  • CR38


  • WR34
  • WR35
  • WR38


  • BR34
  • BR35
  • BR38

Applications: Used as a partial or total replacer of cocoa butter in compound chocolate coating for biscuits, wafer, nougat, nuts and raisins. It may be used with oil containing nuts without the risk of developing off-flavor. Chocolate coating prepared forms stable crystal on rapid cooling without tempering. The amount of cocoa butter tolerance in the recipe may be up to 20% of total fat content.

Giving you a super compound with tailor-made melting properties similar to chocolate and with a rich chocolate flavor. You can also customize crystallization properties, making production easier while reducing waste.

Ensures the milky sensory and creamy mouthfeel as well as bloom retarding properties by partial or full replacement of milk fat in super compound recipes.


  • SC10
  • SC20


  • SF10
  • SF20

Applications: is specially formulated for preparations of soft chocolate filling center in bakery and confectionery industries. Chocolate paste produce is soft and glossy at wide temperature ranges. It has excellent mouth feel, flavor release and spreadability. The chocolate paste remain soft and after baking.


  • BF24
  • BF29
  • BF30
  • BF32


  • WF34
  • WF35
  • WF38
  • WF41


  • PF34
  • PF35
  • PF38
  • PF41

Applications: is a multi-purpose soft confectionery fat ideal for the preparation of cream filling in wafers and biscuits, or other confectioneries. It is also suitable to use as milk fat replacer in ice cream mix, yogurt, caramel and toffee.